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Beat the heat this summer and have your PEUGEOT air conditioning system checked and serviced by the experts with our $149 air conditioning service offer.

Air Conditioning Service Offer For PEUGEOT Vehicles 3+ Years


The sun is shining and your car is getting hotter...

What better time to ensure that your PEUGEOT air conditioning system is 100% ready to deliver you and your family to your favourite summer destinations with total reliability.

Air conditioning is essential for your comfort. However, if it has not operated for a while, who knows what it could be hiding. That’s why PEUGEOT recommends an annual check and treatment of your air conditioning system.

In addition, a vehicle that has an inefficient air conditioning system can use more fuel, meaning it’s costlier to run.


$149 check and treatment 


With the PEUGEOT Summer Drive campaign, get your PEUGEOT's air conditioning checked and a sanitisation treatment, plus pollen filter replacement, by our expert technicians.

Should there be any areas of concern identified during the check, we will consult with you and gain your approval before commencing any further work.

Simply contact us today.



*Air conditioning check and treatment offer valid until February 28, 2018 on PEUGEOT vehicles with warranty start dates which are 3 years old or over.

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